Full Marks Solution 300ml



  • Full Marks Head Lice Solution is a quick and easy 10-minute treatment that eliminates head lice. It's low odour, toxin free and contains no traditional pesticides. Suitable for children 2 years and older.

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Kills Head Lice. Clinically Proven. 10 minute treatment. Eliminates eggs. No traditional pesticides. Quick & easy treatment. Head lice solution & comb included. Low odour. One quarter of this bottle should contain sufficient solution to treat a head lice infection on one head. However, you should apply enough to cover scalp and hair to ensure complete success. Used according to the instructions, Full Marks Solution kills head lice and eliminates eggs. Unlike traditional head lice treatments which poison the lice, Full Marks Solution has a physical action on the lice causing them to dehydrate (lose water) and die, they can then be removed along with any eggs using the comb provided.

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