Olay Classic Beauty Fluid Ssensitive 200ml



Olay Classic Beauty Fluid Sensitive has been a well established and trusted product for many years. Olay have worked their magic with this beauty fluid which is Hypoallergenic and contains moisture rich ingredients. In just one gentle wipe over the face this formula works deep down into the pores cleaning out all the dirt and grime of everyday life and leaving your face soft and supple.

Olay Classic Care Active Beauty Fluid Sensitive is an active Beauty Fluid which is enriched with precious moisture-rich nutrients. It works deep down into the skin, locking in natural moisture. This formula is light & non greasy, it is quickly absorbed deep down into the skin to where it is really needed, leaving no greasy layer on the surface, so that your skin can breathe naturally. It is also an ideal base for make-up. Formulated to be none irritating even for sensitive skin.

suitable for all skin types.promotes a healthy radiance with the nutrient-rich formula provides an ideal base for make-up, with it's light, silky feel non-irritating to sensitive skin - the formula contains no colour or perfume

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